Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sold a Bill of Goods....

I had fun posting to this week. I titled the little article 'Sold a Bill of Goods'. But I could have titled it 'My Life in Like 300 Words or Less'. In this article, riddled with bravado and a tad of Sam Adams, I tripped. Tripped? Yeah, in one part I qualified the concept of salvation within the reality of the familial. That strange intrinsic love of family members. Something that cant be contrived - just happens (you know what I mean). So I tripped myself up and may spend the rest of the week, as a hypocrite, trying to regain the feeling of what I know to be true (some folks know what I mean).

Anyhow, I hope the little essay is a fun read.

Check out 'Sold a Bill of Goods' here -

Have a great week.