Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Reader's Manifesto - Maiden Voyage of Bumblebee House Ink

This is the maiden voyage of the Bumblebee House Ink BLOG.

Because of my second novel, Unseen, and the publishing journey to this date, I have come to this point. A place I couldn't be happier with- and I anticipate even more fun.

I wanted to really kick it off with something of interest to me in writing. And I hope of interest to readers. This is a 2001 essay written in the Atlantic by a renown scholar of North Korea. The essay has nothing to do with North Korea - but just an insightful (I think) reader who sets demands of fiction that I believe to be more than legitimate. And I write novels that 'gets' what this reader is on about.

This manifesto (as so many are) is not exactly short. But I believe well worth the reading...for readers. You let me know, won't you?

This is my choice to kick off this new Bumblebee House Ink website and Blog. Also, be on the lookout for great photos (via friends on google+) on the Bumblebee House Ink website on the ART page.

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A Reader's Manifesto