Saturday, June 14, 2014

Little Known State Called Franklin

Think I will toss a little history into this blog. I can't seem to get enough history. Being single and just imagining that life is about doing whatever you want - I majored in this subject in college. Very soon after I took my first computer-installation job - married and first child on the way - you have to pick up some kind of trade quickly. Have had a foot in reality ever since.

Anyhow, a great-great-great- (maybe a couple more greats) - grandfather of mine was John Seviere. He was the first governor of Tennessee. Pretty cool, right? Well, sort of, he had 18 kids so I think all of Eastern Tennessee is related to him in some way. Probably the coolest thing was that Shirley Temple married into the family. She became a U.S. Ambassador.

Seveire wanted his own state as North Carolina was annoying him in some way. He and his group constituted a state government and lasted 4 years. They got a vote in Congress but it fell short of a two-thirds majority. I wonder though, knowing the impact of historical imperatives, if the culture of that region still feels itself a little...independent of the Union.

Adding some links here if you get interested in learning more.

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