Saturday, February 28, 2015

Goodbye Mr. Spock

So about 20 years ago I went to dinner with Leonard Nimoy., But I was in Wilmington, NC and took a date to a very nice restaurant. Surprisingly, the hostess was a woman I had been out with the week before (awkward) and some very negative vibes. But her angry look was tempered by the general excitement that Leonard Nimoy was there. She sat us at a table near the actor. 

Spock was such a big part of my childhood. We would play Star Trek on the playground on a regular basis. Greg McNabb was always Captain Kirk - not sure what that was about :-( And the other prized position of Spock would go to someone else. I would end up with the doctor McCoy slot...or Scotty if I was lucky. 

So all these memories poured in and took over my thoughts at dinner. I would honor the man and all the joy he had brought to my childhood by not making a fuss. I would just steal a glance every so often. I was discrete.

So I thought. When doing one of my quick checks on Spock and his meal - I found him staring at me. And still staring. He was making a point that he would appreciate it if I stopped staring at him.

Oh well. As much a part of my childhood as he was I could not do any better. I tried.

Goodbye Mr. Spock. Thanks for letting us come along on all the amazing adventures. And inspiring us to adventure on our own. Its just TV but at the same time - story is always more than just TV.